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How it works

To become a member of Touring Club Italiano, you can register on this website. Membership lasts throughout all of 2014, and costs 25 Euros.

In a couple of weeks you will receive your membership card by mail. Thie card will display your membership number: it will be the key to discover Italy and take advantage of all the benefits of being a member!

Just a few days after your online registration in your profile you will find your virtual temporary card that you can print or display on your smart phone and that can be used during your travels. Through this website you will be able to book hotels, pick your car rental, and take advantage of other online dicounts.

During your trip in Italy you have to show your Touring Card, valid throughout 2014, to hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. in order to obtain your discounts!

How do you find which facilities will offer any discounts? It is simple: all partners have been listed on this website in order to allow you to choose among thousands of different opportunities. While in Italy we recommend that you access this website through your smart phone to find out the saving opportunities nearest to you with just one click!

  • The advantages

    With Touring Card you can have thousands of discounts on your trip to Italy. Restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions and much more: you can save money, everytime you want and everywhere you go!

  • Possible savings

    You can save a lot of Euros any time of the day. Save on museum entrance tickets, dinners at restaurants, stays in hotels and agritourisms; these are only some of the advantages offered by Touring Card.

  • Why Touring Club

    Since 1894 we have been working to promote sustainable tourism and the appreciation of our country’s culture. Our history speaks for itself! With Touring Card you can experience the charme of Italy and authentic lifestyle with a dinstictive insider advantage.

Join us

International Membership

cardMembership includes:
  • Discounts on your trip to Italy on restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions, shops, fashion outlet and much more. You can book all the services through this website, after logged into your account.
  • The digital edition of the monthly magazine "Touring" (in Italian); other useful contents are available on the apps "Touring Riviste" and "Touring in viaggio" (only in Italian).
  • Membership fee: € 25,00