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Possible savings

to get an idea of how much you can save joining Touring Club italiano, we’d like to give you some examples. Let’s suppose you are planning a day in Venice:

  • Night. The Concordia is one of the best hotels in the city, and the only hotel that offers a view on piazza San Marco (St. Mark Square). It is a four star luxury hotel, because Venice is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! During the summer a double room would cost you 300 Euros. With the Touring Card you would receive a 15% discount thus saving 45 Euros!
  • Sight-seen, Tour 1. Piazza San Marco is a dream come true! After visiting the cathedral you could visit the museums of the Area Marciana and spend 14 Euros instead of 16 by showing your card.
  • Lunch. Feeling hungry after all that walking along the canals? You can stop to try some cicchetti, a delicious Venetian finger food typically offered in taverns. Al Bacareto is the perfect place. Here you will obtain a 10% discount when using your Touring Card and for example, instead of spending 20 Euros you would spend 18.
  • Sight-seen, Tour 2. If during the afternoon you are planning to visit the wonderful Peggy Guggenheim collection, in Dorsoduro, you would pay 12 Euros instead of 14 on your ticket when showing your Touring Card.
  • Dinner. There is nothing better than traditional Venetian cuisine for dinner. The Vecio Fritolin restaurant is one of the best places to try some local specialties. The bill in this restaurant could add up to 50 Euros but with your 10% Tci discount you would only spend 45 Euros.

According to this example you'll be able to save 56 Euro in a day...  A real deal, considering that the membership fee is 25 Euros!

  • The advantages

    With Touring Card you can have thousands of discounts on your trip to Italy. Restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions and much more: you can save money, everytime you want and everywhere you go!

  • How it works

    All you need is to have your card at hand! At home, when making on-line reservations; when traveling, to obtain discounts on the thousands of partnering facilities. Touring Card opens the doors to your travel!

  • Why Touring Club

    Since 1894 we have been working to promote sustainable tourism and the appreciation of our country’s culture. Our history speaks for itself! With Touring Card you can experience the charme of Italy and authentic lifestyle with a dinstictive insider advantage.

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cardMembership includes:
  • Discounts on your trip to Italy on restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions, shops, fashion outlet and much more. You can book all the services through this website, after logged into your account.
  • The digital edition of the monthly magazine "Touring" (in Italian); other useful contents are available on the apps "Touring Riviste" and "Touring in viaggio" (only in Italian).
  • Membership fee: € 25,00