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Why Touring Club

There are a lot of good reasons to choose to become a Touring member.

The first reason being that we have Italy at heart! Ever since 1894 our motto has been to allow Italians to learn about Italy, and appreciate, protect and promote our exceptional cultural and environmental heritage. All Tci Members are aware that by joining the Tci they are contributing to making Italy the most beautiful country.

Another reason being that you can completely trust us! This is proven by our almost 300,000 members who renew their membership every year, and is guaranteed by the thousands of volunteers who help us plan events, visits, and make sure that places that have accessibility challenges remain open, by pressuring management regarding touristic, cultural and environmental issues. Furthermore, our reliability is shown by our 120 years of history, years in which we’ve been innovators in Italian tourism, we’ve fought to protect our country, and we’ve opened the doors to several less well known places. Read our story!

Last but not least, because the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes in our important mission to promote tourism as means to meet and learn. Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shares our same goal, to promote quality tourism in Italy, targeting not only the most renowned destinations but also the least known, it collaborates with us in this initiative, in order to offer information, services/benefits to all Italians living abroad and to whomever is interested in visiting our country and its extraordinary beauties.

By joining the Touring Club you will not only be gaining a discount membership card, but you will also be helping us in our mission to appreciate our country, making Italy “the beautiful” even more so.

  • The advantages

    With Touring Card you can have thousands of discounts on your trip to Italy. Restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions and much more: you can save money, everytime you want and everywhere you go!

  • How it works

    All you need is to have your card at hand! At home, when making on-line reservations; when traveling, to obtain discounts on the thousands of partnering facilities. Touring Card opens the doors to your travel!

  • Possible savings

    You can save a lot of Euros any time of the day. Save on museum entrance tickets, dinners at restaurants, stays in hotels and agritourisms; these are only some of the advantages offered by Touring Card.

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International Membership

cardMembership includes:
  • Discounts on your trip to Italy on restaurants, hotels, trains, ferries, museums, cultural attractions, shops, fashion outlet and much more. You can book all the services through this website, after logged into your account.
  • The digital edition of the monthly magazine "Touring" (in Italian); other useful contents are available on the apps "Touring Riviste" and "Touring in viaggio" (only in Italian).
  • Membership fee: € 25,00