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Our history

The history of the Touring Club Italiano can be told by focusing on specific moments that are relevant and characteristic of its path and illustrate the evolution of its activities.

November 8, 1894 Establishment of the Italian Touring Club (Tci) in Milan by 57 cyclists.

1895-1914 Release of the first tourist guide by the Tci. Installation of the first booths containing repair kits and emergency kits throughout the cycling trails and roads, along with the spread of the road signs. Release of the map of Italy, 1:250,000, the first map in Italy exclusively for tourism purposes. Release of the first volumes of the Guida Rossa (Red Guide). Use of the Tci card as the only document required to cross a border (only until 1914).

1919-1940 Proposal of several new National Parks by Tci. Publication of the first Guides of Italy for foreigners. Planning of the first European highway, the Milano-Laghi, in Lombardy. Birth of the National Italian Institute for Tourism (strongly desired by the Tci).

1954-1973 Birth of the first Tci Resorts. Spread of camping sites throughout Italy encouraged by Tci. Release of the first volumes of the Guide of Europe, by the name of the Guida Verde (Green Guide). Strive to avoid overcrowding by tourists and to encourage the development of tourism in the South. Spokesman for the campaign promoting clean cities and against pollution and urban noise.

1975-1990 Promotion of a number of actions on behalf of national and regional parks. Sponsorship of the campaign to replace cars with other means of transportation. Partnership with the National Geographic Society for the production of journals, photo books and other publications.

1990-2000 Release of the first of the Libri Bianchi (White Books), documenting the main topics related to the fields of tourism, the environment and cultural heritage. Creation of the club’s website,, the first website for an Italian tourism organization. Launch of the project Bandiere arancioni (Orange Flags), focused on the development of the cities in the inland. Launch of the Penisola del Tesoro (The Treasure Peninsula), a regional program consisting of a series of organized excursions aimed at discovering the rare beauties of Italy.

2001-2009 Birth of the Buon Ricordo Italian Foundation (The Good Memory Italian Foundation), promoted by the Italian Touring Club, whose goal was to protect and at the same time spread Italian culinary traditions. Renewal of commitment to implement and improve road signs for tourists. Birth of the Festival del Turismo Scolastico (Scholar Tourism Festival), event involving schools in Italy allowing them to participate in projects aimed at presenting their region and at narrating their educational trips. Birth of the Aperti per Voi project (Opened for You Project), which allowed the opening of cultural places with accessibility challenges, thanks to the participation of volunteers.

2010-2012 Renewal of partnership with the National Geographic Society, which led to publishing the Touring Magazine; running a new website,; renewal of the original website,; development of a community that brings together the regional activities and the experiences of the traveler; development of new Smartphone apps; new interest regarding tourism by bicycle: development of cycling parks and bicycles autographed by Tci; thought leadership regarding current topics and news along with other environmental agencies.

  • Touring Club Italiano

    Touring Club Italiano is a non-profit organization that has been operating in the fields of tourism, culture and the environment since1894. All 300,000 members, along with the Junior and Young Adult ones, are the heart and strength of the organization.

  • Values and objectives

    Ever since its foundation Touring Club Italiano operates to: develop safe and sustainable tourism, promote and preserve Italy’s cultural and natural heritage, educate about countries and cultures, develop initiatives focused on accompanying travelers during their journeys to discover Italy's hidden treasures.

  • Initiatives and activities

    Within the tourism industry, the organization is involved in plenty of activities: publications, special projects and campaigns. Touring Club Italiano is renowned for the luxury travel guide collection Guide Rosse (Red Guides), endorsed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and also for the project Bandiere Arancioni (Orange Flag Program), that selects and certifies small Italian inland towns.

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