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Initiatives and activities

The following are a few of our initiatives and activities:

Orange Flags Established in 1998, this program identifies and promotes the smaller cities of the Italian inland that are enriched by a historic, cultural and environmental heritage, and stand out due to what they can offer and for being so welcoming. It involves about 200 Municipalities in the entire country.

Opened for you Since the year 2005, this program has focused on encouraging the opening of cultural places that pose accessibility challenges (museums, archeological sites, historic buildings, churches....) thanks to the participation of Volunteers for the Cultural Heritage. In less than ten years there have been more than a million visitors at the over 30 places Opened for You.

Regional Activities Every day, members can participate in initiatives and activities organized by the Tci Consuls and by the regional Tci clubs (hundreds of volunteers locally representing the association in the entire country, that plan gatherings, shows, and events for the public, aside from supervising the environment and the historic and cultural heritage).

Trips and Resorts The Tci organizes trips, language courses and studies abroad. It owns four resorts, located in the most beautiful and unpolluted beaches in Italy (Sardinia, Campania, Puglia, Sicily). The resorts were specifically designed keeping in mind that overcrowding should be avoided in order to preserve the environment’s natural beauty.

Publications Tci Editing is editor of the Touring magazine, the most highly distributed magazine in Italy; the Qui Touring Speciale (Touring Here Special) a bimonthly monograph dedicated to cities, regions and countries around the world; and the Touring Junior, for its youngest members. Touring Editing is the benchmark among editing companies in the field of tourism, having over 700 titles in books and maps.

Websites and apps Information, news, calendar of cultural events in Italy, services, online discounts-magazines and traveling community can all be found on our websites,,, and on the Touring in Viaggio (Touring Travel) app and Touring Riviste (Touring Magazines) app.

Document Center The Tci Document Center stores all material produced or purchased by the Tci throughout the years, from its very beginning. It is also home to a very large photo archive. All material can be accessed by private companies or by the public in general in order to gain further cultural insight, conduct iconographic research, and hold thematic shows. Consulting services are also available.

Consulting services for tourism, courses and conferences As part of the touristic consulting services, the Italian Touring Club offers regional development plans and analysis of touristic entities in order to improve their design and promotion. The Study Center has developed a specific expertise in training and coordination of conferences and public events focused on providing further insights on both tourism and culture.

Scholastic Tourism Annual competition consisting on telling one’s own educational trip, promoting one’s own city or region, as a destination for school field trips, through photographs, reports, screenplays or short films.

Services for tourists The organization provides discounts on more than ten thousand partnering facilities (restaurants, hotels, health centers, etc.) in Italy and Europe, on Touring books, maps and guides, on Touring Resorts and partnering tour operators, on museums, shows, cruises, ferries and on products by over 100 partners.

  • Touring Club Italiano

    Touring Club Italiano is a non-profit organization that has been operating in the fields of tourism, culture and the environment since1894. All 300,000 members, along with the Junior and Young Adult ones, are the heart and strength of the organization.

  • Values and objectives

    Ever since its foundation Touring Club Italiano operates to: develop safe and sustainable tourism, promote and preserve Italy’s cultural and natural heritage, educate about countries and cultures, develop initiatives focused on accompanying travelers during their journeys to discover Italy's hidden treasures.

  • Our history

    Touring Club Italiano was founded in 1894 by a group of visionary people, passionate about cycling and traveling: back in those days, tourism didn’t really exist yet. These forward-thinking pioneers boosted the development of tourism by publishing travel guides and maps, and improving road signs. Ever since, the organization has been playing a leading role in the touristic industry.

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