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Touring Club Italiano

Touring Club Italiano is a non-profit organization that has been operating in the fields of tourismculture and the environment for over a century.

It was founded in 1894 as 'The Italian Cycling Touring Club', a private and self-financed organization, by a group of young, bright entrepreneurs from Milan. Its mission was to offer its members a network of contacts and services to learn about, discover and travel in Italy. This club, which then changed its name to the Touring Club Italiano, takes credit for having invented tourism and transformed Italy into a easy-to-reach country, thanks to the first maps, travel guides, road signs and tourism pubblications. This small organization quickly turned into a symbol of national recognition and pride, capable of accompanying and promoting changes which have radically contributed to Italian self-awareness about the national cultural heritage.

Touring Club Italiano turns 120 this year: more than 100 years of evolution and innovation pursuing the original mission and the values on which it was founded. Club Members are heart and strength of the organization: they include Junior members (a small “army” of curious, focused, informed and respectful young kids, 6 to 12) and the Young Adult members (a “tribe” of smart and active young adults, 13 to 21, willing to travel, aware and respectful of the environment and the historiacl and cultural heritage). 

  • Values and objectives

    Ever since its foundation Touring Club Italiano operates to: develop safe and sustainable tourism, promote and preserve Italy’s cultural and natural heritage, educate about countries and cultures, develop initiatives focused on accompanying travelers during their journeys to discover Italy's hidden treasures.

  • Our history

    Touring Club Italiano was founded in 1894 by a group of visionary people, passionate about cycling and traveling: back in those days, tourism didn’t really exist yet. These forward-thinking pioneers boosted the development of tourism by publishing travel guides and maps, and improving road signs. Ever since, the organization has been playing a leading role in the touristic industry.

  • Initiatives and activities

    Within the tourism industry, the organization is involved in plenty of activities: publications, special projects and campaigns. Touring Club Italiano is renowned for the luxury travel guide collection Guide Rosse (Red Guides), endorsed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and also for the project Bandiere Arancioni (Orange Flag Program), that selects and certifies small Italian inland towns.

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