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Values and objectives

The following have been the values of the Touring Club ever since its establishment:

To allow tourism to grow by motivating and supporting the discovery of the artistic and natural beauties that are not as well known and visited as others; to safeguard Italy’s artistic, historic, cultural, and natural heritage, by educating the tourist on how each resource is irreplaceable, on the importance of preserving them for future generations and on behaving responsibly and appropriately; to learn about countries and cultures, spreading a sense of mutual respect and understanding between the people.

Promoting tourism, protecting the environment, and spreading the concept of a culture that understands and takes responsibility in traveling, are the main points taken into consideration by the objectives of the Italian Touring Club, which are listed as follows:

  • to respect and protect landscapes, the environment, monuments and works of art;
  • to encourage and facilitate the purchase of products and services related to tourism – hotels, restaurants, agritourisms, thermal baths, exhibits and monuments, car rentals, etc.;
  • to publish and distribute books, magazines, maps, scientific articles, related to tourism;
  • to plan and promote trips and stays in Italy and around the world;
  • to spread knowledge in order to promote a form of tourism based on awareness and responsibility, including training all personnel in this sector, always keeping them up to date, and promoting reunions and conferences;
  • to conduct research studies by collaborating with universities and with the main financial institutions;
  • to provide consulting services and promote solutions regarding any topic related to tourism, encouraging the spread of an entrepreneurial mentality in the sector.


  • Touring Club Italiano

    Touring Club Italiano is a non-profit organization that has been operating in the fields of tourism, culture and the environment since1894. All 300,000 members, along with the Junior and Young Adult ones, are the heart and strength of the organization.

  • Our history

    Touring Club Italiano was founded in 1894 by a group of visionary people, passionate about cycling and traveling: back in those days, tourism didn’t really exist yet. These forward-thinking pioneers boosted the development of tourism by publishing travel guides and maps, and improving road signs. Ever since, the organization has been playing a leading role in the touristic industry.

  • Initiatives and activities

    Within the tourism industry, the organization is involved in plenty of activities: publications, special projects and campaigns. Touring Club Italiano is renowned for the luxury travel guide collection Guide Rosse (Red Guides), endorsed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and also for the project Bandiere Arancioni (Orange Flag Program), that selects and certifies small Italian inland towns.

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